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So, this article really made my morning. It's sad that so many birds are being struck by planes, but the writing of the article just made me laugh.

"we're flying faster and smaller planes," said Air Force biologist Eugene Leboeuf, who heads the military's Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard team, or Bash . "A 4-pound bird can do a lot of damage."

Richard Dolbeer, a United State Department of Agriculture biologist and member of Bird Strike Committee USA.
[Also known as the BS Committee]

Jet engines must now be able to withstand the ingestion of an 8-pound waterfowl without failing (this is tested in the lab by firing a chicken from a cannon at point-blank range).

And the last paragraph is the best of all
And its not just birds. Sometimes jet-stream encounters can take a page from the X-Files. "We've had frogs, turtles, snakes. We had a cat once that was struck at some high altitude," said the Smithsonian's Dove. She says birds like hawks and herons will occasionally drop their quarries into oncoming planes. "The other day we had a bird strike. We sent the sample to the DNA lab and it came back as rabbit. How do you explain to the FAA that we had a rabbit strike at 1,800 feet?"

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