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Classic evening

Tonight was one of the more fun evening's I've had in a long time.

Laura and I arranged to have dinner with Stephanie to catch up and whatnot. She invited Andy at the last minute which ended up being a good way to round out the group. We chilled at the condo for for a couple hours with wine and good conversation, before realizing that it was 8 o'clock and we were getting hungry.

We walked down to the Sit Down, which is the only sushi place I know of that also serves pizza. To succinctly explain how eclectic this place is, the soups they offer are chicken rice, pasta fagioli,  jambalaya, and miso. So yeah, all blocks covered. We got a ton of sushi to go with the wine we BYOB'd from Kimbark.

Since we finished dinner around 9:30, it provided the perfect opportunity to catch the Navy Pier fireworks from the Point. So we started walking down 53rd, when I called Sarah and invited her to join us, which she did, once she dragged herself out of bed :) Made it to the Point just as the fireworks were starting. It's such an awesome perspective, because you know the fireworks are huge and very high above the ground/water, but they look so small from a few miles away.

After the fireworks concluded, we were not quite ready to leave, because we were curious just how cold the Lake Michigan water was. Climbing carefully over the large, uneven rocks, we got down to where we could get our feet in the water. Unfortunately, that proximity also put us in range of some rather large waves.

The park closes at 11:00, so (slightly damp) we headed back home along 55th, planning to catch a bus to make the trip much less effortful. We got sidetracked, however, when we passed the hookah lounge on 55th, where they were advertising "$20 Hookah To-Go." Mostly intrigued by the concept, we popped in and asked just how that worked. It turns out, they sell you the hookah for $15, and set you up with the water, tobacco, and even light the coal for you. This was a great deal, so we got a green hookah and raspberry shishe. Unfortunately, now having a fully lit hookah meant riding the bus was totally out of the question, so instead we walked, smoking the hookah all the way back to Drexel, a good mile plus walk, sharing between the 4 of the 5 who chose to partake. We received many curious looks from passers-by, and some questions from those who obviously thought our tobacco to be of the wacky variety. It's a very surreal experience to traipse around the street holding a hookah and blowing large plumes of delicious smoke behind you. It was definitely a great way to conclude the night.


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