January 30th, 2008

false memory

Wow that was painful

I understand that it's an 8:30 am discussion section and so your brain might not yet be on. But when you're leading the discussion, you should make an attempt to read the articles to be discussed so that the professor with the flu doesn't have to do all the talking when you don't know what you're talking about.

Anyway, life is going well, albeit busy. My four classes are proving challenging while still devoting time to planning my trial research project. My new year's resolutions are suffering: I haven't been to the gym at all in the last 2 weeks (I really need to keep a gym bag in my office), and there are empty unwashed glasses all over my desk (though no plates, those I wash relatively quickly).

In case nobody told you, midwestern weather is crazy! Yesterday it went from highs in the 50s to wind chills 25-35 below and snow overnight. If there's anyone who doesn't buy the idea of catastrophic climate change (aka global warming) now? Here's your sign.

Beyond school, life is good too. Tonight I'm going to the burbs to celebrate never2muchmusic's birthday and Friday I'm making my monthly trek to St. Louis to celebrate rainingtulips's birthday and see everyone else. I didn't realize when I was planning before that this is Mardi Gras weekend, so we should have no trouble finding something fun to do, although the Landing may be overly crowded with women flashing their long underwear. Nothing like an early Lent to kill the mood.


It's difficult to successfully plan a research project when your advisor can't remember what you discussed at the previous meeting.

Why do I keep having to explain the same things over and over? It's infuriating.

And she's disappointed that I don't have more to show. We met on Friday and I had a midterm yesterday to go with my 3 other classes. I can't devote all of myself to one project.

She said that I won't have much to go on to say what my trial research project is in the spring quarter. #1: That's 2 whole months away. #2: This is what I'm planning on having be my trial research!

Good lord, and I thought this was going so well.

Screw it, I'm downloading my homework for tomorrow and getting out of here.