November 1st, 2008

false memory


So, I was killing some free time at the conference today by writing up a CV. I know, I'm really exciting, but what are your options for killing a half-hour at a psycholinguistics conference?

I presented a poster at Psychonomics in 2006 on the research I did while at Sussex for study abroad, in combination with some other related work from one of Brendan's other students. I thought that was pretty awesome, how many people get to present the work they did in one semester at a major international conference? But I definitely figured that that was the last I'd be hearing about it. I was happy with the work, but I didn't think it was all that impressive.

Apparently my advisor and the Journal of Psychophysiology felt differently. After googling my name, my advisor's name, and the year, 2006, I was greeted with the CV of one of Brendan's chief collaborators. And there I found this little tidbit:

Weekes, B.S., Mulqueeny, K., & Holliday, R.E. (in press). Phonological false recollection: An
EEG study. Journal of Psychophysiology.

Yeah. That's the paper I wrote when I was at Sussex. EDITSame title and everything. My title was not quite the same, so I have the feeling that my work was rolled in with the other stuff that I presented at psychonomics. I have not heard a word about even the idea to submit the paper for publication, let alone going through revisions and it being accepted. I've since gotten over the surprise and feeling like it was done behind my back (my name is on it, after all) and I'm enjoying the fact that I've got a sizable addition to my CV without any additional work on my part.

Apparently they also presented it as a poster at the British Association of Cognitive Neuroscience. Huh.