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Fantastic day!

Today has been one of the best days in all my time as a psychology student. Two absolutely fantastic things happened today:

1) Dr. Treiman is presenting research at an upcoming conference for a project that I worked on. The study looked at children's recognition of their own names. She's listed me as a co-author, which means that when she ends up publishing the paper, I'll probably be given credit, if not, my name will still be on it. I did not expect this at all.

2) I have a mentor for my senior honors project! I met with Dr. Sommers today to make sure that it isn't a problem that my psychology GPA is only a 3.4 (It's supposed to be a 3.5 to get into the program), and he said that as long as my overall GPA is a 3.5 (which it is, and will be going up after this semester) then it's not a problem. I then asked him if he would be my mentor for my project, because one of his research interests is in foreign language learning and I think that's the direction my career is headed. He seemed really impressed that I did my experimental psych project on L2 vocab learning, and was very happy to take me on for next year.

I'm so happy I could pop!
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