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I'd almost forgotten I still had this journal

Seeing that it's been over a year since I posted
With graduation approaching on the horizon and my inevitable moving on to grad school, I will no longer be a wustl student, and thus, I think I should shift away from kevwustl, for that reason, as well as because it's such an unoriginal username.

Why is February the shortest month of the year, and yet by far the busiest of my life?
I am doing data collection for my thesis in all the free time I could schedule until the end of the month, so that I may have an acceptable number of participants in my study (Hahaha, In the beginning I planned on doing 2 experiments, with 60 subjects each. Amazing how the real world interferes with such grandiose plans.) to get some kind of interesting results. Ken is coming down this weekend to party it up, which is good, because it's the last weekend I'll be here until after I get back from England. Next week from Wednesday 'til Saturday I'll be in sunny San Diego (don't everyone feel sad at once) to visit UCSD. The next weekend is U of C, followed almost immediately by the end of the month and visiting Northwestern. At this time, my completed thesis is due to Dr. Sommers, so he can make suggestions and I can fix them and give it back to him, so he can recommend to himself what level of honors I should get (to clarify, Dr. Sommers is both my advisor and the honors program director).

I am really excited about visiting all these schools. It'll be a great chance to meet people and do some pre-grad school networking, since I'm already 95% certain I'll accept U of C if the dean accepts me, the visits are less about learning about the schools and more about meeting my future colleagues, which I think is really cool. And of course, getting flown around to visit places and be given free food is pretty nice too.

I don't know if I've mentioned this to many people yet or not, but I'm published! (2007 is off to a much better start than 2006 was at this point) The article that I worked on with Becky about preschooler's knowledge of name writing was accepted by Child Development, one of the premier journals in psychology. I don't know if I can truly appreciate the opportunities I've gotten as an undergrad at Wash U. It's pretty remarkable.

Well, I think that's all the procrastinating I can muster at the moment. While I don't care at all for any of my classes, professors don't like it when you don't turn in papers. So here I go, writing 3 pages on Don Juan Tenorio, a play by José Zorilla. Adios
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