Kev (active_axon) wrote,

Wow, my first quarter of grad school is quickly coming to a close. It's been a really good experience. You just can't get behind when you're working on quarters, cuz if you do, you're SOL. By Wednesday I should have completed both of my finals and a term paper.

I'm quite excited, because Janellen and I seem to be on the same page as far as what I should be doing for my research project.

I love winter. It's really wonderful. I love the snow, which is currently falling in splendid 1 December fashion, and how pretty everything looks under a few inches of fresh white snow. It's so nice to curl up in front of a fire under the glow of Christmas lights. Just everything about the holidays, apart from the shopping (God bless, makes me really really happy.

I impressed myself with my cooking last night. Laura came home for the weekend, and I had some leftover, probably undrinkable, red wine, so I made NY Strip Bordelaise. Bordelaise sauce is surprisingly easy to make, and the steak wasn't terribly overcooked, despite my meat thermometer's attempts to screw me over (It told me the steaks weren't done, prompting me to overcook them for a minute). All in all, a delicious meal.

I had absolutely no goal in writing this entry, but I hadn't posted in far too long, and I needed to thank burr86 for the gift of a permanent account. Thank you permanent account fairy :)
Tags: rambling

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