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All Hail the NAU!

Sitting in the doctor's office this morning, I picked up a copy of Newsweek and noticed an article about Ron Paul and the impending North American Union. OK, so let's forget the fact that people putting this idea forward are a libertarian GOP candidate who's just trying to make some hay, the nutjob right-wing news media, and the man behind the swiftboating of John Kerry, and say just for fun, that the US, Canada, and Mexico are planning to form the NAU, dissolve the dollar, loonie, and peso in favor of the "Amero," and establish a common government.

Would that really be a bad thing?

Well, for one, we'd have to invite the rest of Latin America, at least those from Guatemala to Panama who still make up part of North America. Or would they be like Turkey with the EU, part of Europe but still stuck in the minors until they can get the kinks out of their swing?

I, for one, would welcome the Amero with open arms (provided they come up with a better name, the Namo, the Northie, the Sacagawea?). Let's face it, the Almighty Dollar isn't what it once was. Perhaps if we unite with the economic superpowers to our North and South, the United States could see economic growth in the next few decades.
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