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One helluva weekend (pt. 2)

So more later turned out to be 2 days later, *shrugs*

So Friday night, Laura and I went to Savor (which for years I'd wanted to pronounce with a Spanish accent: "sabor," but no, it's just "say-vor.") for the first time. It was a fantastic restaurant, and the perfect atmosphere for a romantic birthday dinner. The appetizer (empanadas stuffed with chicken and chorizo) was wonderful, as were the salads (I had butter lettuce with pears and pecans, Laura had mixed greens with goat cheese) and dessert (blueberry bread pudding, which looked oddly like a brownie). My entree was not as great as it could have been, entirely because it was served on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes, but Laura really liked her Coq au Vin (although she ended up leaving the leftovers at the restaurant). The restaurant itself is an old house that they remodeled, but it makes for a very intimate setting, with lots of small rooms and fireplaces.

After dinner we went back to the apartment, after picking up Caitlin and Andrew and some booze. We had a few drinks, caught up on life, and watched The American President. Classic.

Saturday morning I made pancakes, because apparently Laura has difficulty with them ;)
Then we went to Jared and shopped for engagement rings. We had no intention of buying anything going in, just to get an idea for what style Laura liked, and what would look best on her hand so that I would know what to look for when I went shopping back in Chicago. Funny thing though, when you find the perfect ring that makes her eyes light up, it's very hard to not buy it. So I did! :D

The store people kept her "entertained" (away from me and thoroughly bored) for an hour while I filled out paperwork as covertly as possible behind the ficus in the middle of the room. Obviously she figured it out, but I thought I did a fairly good job throwing her off by leaving with nothing, and planning on picking it up at 8 pm. Unfortunately, Laura kept asking questions about it, and I'm a terrible liar. Eventually, it came to me insisting that I pick up the pizza, and her realizing that it made absolutely no sense for me to get the pizza. At which point I just looked at her, defeated, and said, "Why don't you know when to stop talking?"

So she wore the ring the rest of the weekend and showed it off to all who would pause to be assaulted with "Look! Shiny!" (Her hands are no longer right and left, but right and Shiny!). I'm actually going to propose soon, after I get permission/blessing from her parents.

Class time again. But that's pretty much it. Sunday was the Super Bowl, Go Giants. The only team I want to see go 19-0 is Da Bears. Slept on the bus from 1-7 am, and ended up back in Chicago.
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