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New addition edition

Hello again! This seems like a good place to put 2am thoughts while watching your newborn daughter and amazing wife sleep peacefully in the hospital.

My heart has been stolen by this little girl. As soon as they dropped the curtain and I saw her in the purple, screaming flesh, I was lost forever. Everything changed in that instant, and all of it for the better.

But the better is hard to see when your baby is getting whisked away to the NICU and you have to decide to stay with your daughter, who is going to spend the first hours of her life away from the only person she's really ever known, or your wife, whose strength and heart are the reason you're there at all. No matter how many times you're told "it's perfectly normal" or "it's just for observation," you can't grasp that something is wrong and that there's not anything you can do to fix it, but I was ready to tear apart every room of this hospital to stay with my baby, her tiny fingers wrapped around mine as her stomach takes in its first real meal, through a tube through her nose.

I never truly appreciated what everyone says about the motivation to protect your children, until I was being told that, no, I couldn't stay with her while she was transferred out of the NICU and brought to our room, but not to worry, she would be with us very soon. As very soon turned into 1 hour, and then 2, my mind could only think, "to hell with your paperwork (which ended up not being filed correctly anyway), my family needs to be reunited right fucking now! I'll wheel her down the hall myself!"

I know that these are small things in the grand scheme of what could happen in the moments after birth, but this little girl has turned my world upside down, and I can't wait to take her home today!

Now, I think I smell a diaper that needs changing
false memory

Wow that was painful

I understand that it's an 8:30 am discussion section and so your brain might not yet be on. But when you're leading the discussion, you should make an attempt to read the articles to be discussed so that the professor with the flu doesn't have to do all the talking when you don't know what you're talking about.

Anyway, life is going well, albeit busy. My four classes are proving challenging while still devoting time to planning my trial research project. My new year's resolutions are suffering: I haven't been to the gym at all in the last 2 weeks (I really need to keep a gym bag in my office), and there are empty unwashed glasses all over my desk (though no plates, those I wash relatively quickly).

In case nobody told you, midwestern weather is crazy! Yesterday it went from highs in the 50s to wind chills 25-35 below and snow overnight. If there's anyone who doesn't buy the idea of catastrophic climate change (aka global warming) now? Here's your sign.

Beyond school, life is good too. Tonight I'm going to the burbs to celebrate never2muchmusic's birthday and Friday I'm making my monthly trek to St. Louis to celebrate rainingtulips's birthday and see everyone else. I didn't realize when I was planning before that this is Mardi Gras weekend, so we should have no trouble finding something fun to do, although the Landing may be overly crowded with women flashing their long underwear. Nothing like an early Lent to kill the mood.

Happy 2008

Here goes my attempt at some New Year's Resolutions:
1. Keep my apartment clean
- wash dishes immediately after eating, put papers in a drawer, and clothes do not go on the floor
2. Hit the gym Monday through Thursday
- Target weight of 180-185 by the summer, just get off my lazy butt
3. Read an article for my research project every week
- This will make my life much easier later on
4. Write in this journal at least once per week
- A gift to all my LJ friends :)
5. Eat out less
- make my own lunch every day and only eat out dinner 2-3 times per week.

Alright, now to see how well I stick to these.
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Winter Driving 101

So I'm driving home from my grandmother's house after picking up my mom. It's great Chicago winter weather, which means heavy wet snow. It also means the plows have not made their rounds quite yet, even on Main St.

So as I'm attempting to slow down and turn onto my street I ask my car:
"Car, do you think we can slow down or stop and make this turn?"
My car says, "No, Kevin, I can't let you do that." And we slide on past the turn.
"How about here into this parking lot?"
"Not gonna happen."
"This next side street?"

So I made a U-turn and crept back to my street without registering any speed on the speedometer.

Power outage

For whatever reason, the power is out for the entire psychology building, which really highlights the fact that this is one long hallway with no windows. It's kinda spooky. I have no idea where I'm picking up this wireless signal from, which is also interesting.

Final #1 is tonight, stats. Wish me luck.

EDIT: I must be special. The power was restored mere moments after posting this.

(no subject)

Wow, my first quarter of grad school is quickly coming to a close. It's been a really good experience. You just can't get behind when you're working on quarters, cuz if you do, you're SOL. By Wednesday I should have completed both of my finals and a term paper.

I'm quite excited, because Janellen and I seem to be on the same page as far as what I should be doing for my research project.

I love winter. It's really wonderful. I love the snow, which is currently falling in splendid 1 December fashion, and how pretty everything looks under a few inches of fresh white snow. It's so nice to curl up in front of a fire under the glow of Christmas lights. Just everything about the holidays, apart from the shopping (God bless amazon.com), makes me really really happy.

I impressed myself with my cooking last night. Laura came home for the weekend, and I had some leftover, probably undrinkable, red wine, so I made NY Strip Bordelaise. Bordelaise sauce is surprisingly easy to make, and the steak wasn't terribly overcooked, despite my meat thermometer's attempts to screw me over (It told me the steaks weren't done, prompting me to overcook them for a minute). All in all, a delicious meal.

I had absolutely no goal in writing this entry, but I hadn't posted in far too long, and I needed to thank burr86 for the gift of a permanent account. Thank you permanent account fairy :)